Language tests


Under bilateral agreements, especially for general and faculty agreements, some universities require mobility students to present a language test certifying their level. Indeed, when your host university is in a country where the national language is not your mother tongue, a language test is very often a prerequisite for admission. There exists different types of commercial tests, and the one you should take will vary depending on your host university. It is therefore your responsibility to find out beforehand whether a test is required and, if so, which one.

First of all, it is important to take into account that these commercial tests are only offered by a few accredited institutes and that demand is high during the period preceding the application deadlines for exchanges. Therefore, in order to secure a place, it is necessary to anticipate and start the application process early.

You will find the different accredited institutes in Switzerland, the available exam dates as well as the deadlines for application on the Language Centre website. 


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Application form for reimbursement of fees for language tests