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It is essential that before you depart you have your study plan (or learning agreement) approved by the mobility manager and/or mobility adviser in your section/school or faculty, to ensure recognition of the ECTS credits obtained abroad and get the respective equivalences.


If, as often happens, your study plan changes during your exchange (for example, because a course is cancelled or there is a timetable clash), you are strongly recommended to contact the mobility adviser in your section/school or faculty to help you find alternative courses and have the changes approved.


Provided you take these few precautions, approval of the credits obtained and equivalences should only be a formality.


At the end of your exchange, UNIL will receive a transcript of your marks for the courses you took and your faculty will approve the credits obtained on this basis.


For further information on the credit recognition process, please contact your faculty and attend the information session on university exchanges it organises at the start of the academic year.


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