ARCHIVE - Fourth Indo-Swiss Joint Seminar

Basel, Switzerland, 3-6 September 2017

The fourth edition of the Indo-Swiss Joint Seminar was held in Basel, Switzerland. This three-day Seminar brought together around 35 Indian and Swiss researchers involved in the Indo-Swiss Research Programme in the Social Sciences.


The Seminar offered the opportunity to Indian and Swiss researchers selected in the framework of the 2014, 2015 and 2016 calls to present their research projects.


Speakers Presentation
Dr Beatrice Ferrari A - Switzerland’s international collaboration in education, research and innovation  (5300 Ko)
Ms Andrea Landolt B - Funding possibilities : Swiss National Science Foundation  (2442 Ko)
Mr Michael Farley, Mr Waseem Hussain C - ZHAW: Leading House Indian Subcontinent  (879 Ko)
Prof. Jean-Michel Bonvin D - Public policies and human development: A capability approach  (209 Ko)
Prof. Ila Patnaik E - Well being and public policy challenges in India  (3442 Ko)
Prof. Dr Katharina Michaelowa - Prof. Dr Sourabh Bikas Paul 1 - Effectiveness of social pensions: Analysis of potential constraints for the Indian context  (281 Ko)
Prof. Madheswaran Subramaniam - Prof. Christian Suter 2 - Multidimensional Well-being: Conceptual, Methodological, and Analytical Perspectives  (2981 Ko)
Dr Mathias Beck - Prof. Dr Sanjay Dhir 3 - Learning to innovate: The role of exploration and exploitation strategies in different institutional contexts  (630 Ko)
Prof. Dr Jean-Philippe Bonardi 4 - The role of nonmarket strategies in shaping firms’ exploration and exploitation of market activities: A joint study of pharmaceutical firms in Switzerland and India  (2962 Ko)
Prof. dr Naoufel Cheikhrouhou 5 - Founding the pillars for sustainable agri-food supply chain management  (2599 Ko)
Dr Stefan Flückiger - Prof. Dr Parmod Kumar 6 - Evaluation of global food value chains concerning sustainability: Development of a methodology and case studies of Indian products with Swiss target market  (3725 Ko)
Prof. Dr Céline Rozenblat 7 - SIRIUS: Swiss Indian Research program on the globalization of the Indian Urban Systems  (4501 Ko)
Ms Flore Lafaye de Micheaux - Dr Jenia Mukherjee 8 - Indo-Swiss exploration of hydrosocial dynamics in the lower basin of the Ganges  (6298 Ko)
Prof. Dr Purnamita Dasgupta - Prof. Dr Katharina Michaelowa 9 - From traditional fuels to LPG & LED use: Policy instruments for a sustainable transition of household cooking & lighting habits in India  (1201 Ko)
Prof. Swatahsiddha Sarkar - Dr Miriam Wenner 10 - A Moral Economy of Labour? Tea Cooperatives in Eastern Himalayan and Sub-Himalayan Bengal Tea Zone  (877 Ko)
Dr Heidi Kaspar - Dr Sunita Reddy 11 - The Constitution of Medical Tourism in Delhi: Networks & Markets  (544 Ko)
Prof. Dr Claudine Burton-Jeangros - Dr Achin Chakraborty 13 - Health inequalities in India and Switzerland: Measurement and conceptual issues  (193 Ko)


4th Indo-Swiss Joint Seminar, Opening session

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