Particular conditions for candidates with a foreign secondary school diploma

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Only first year courses are taught in Lausanne. A subsequent transfer to the University of Geneva is therefore obligatory.

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Lettres (Arts)

Candidates for the Bachelor degree whose secondary school diploma does not include either Latin or Ancient Greek must, depending on the discipline chosen, follow a foundation course in Latin or Ancient Greek.

Candidates for the Bachelor degree in possession of a secondary school diploma that includes Latin are required to follow only a part of these additional courses.

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1. Candidates must submit a preliminary registration application to swissuniversities in Bern before 15 February 2020 (after this date, no consideration will be given to applications). Online applications are open as of November 2019 (swissuniversities).

It is essential to follow the procedure required by the swissuniversities within the deadlines.
Candidates who have not indicated UNIL as their first choice when pre-registering at swissuniversities cannot apply for medical studies at UNIL after 15 February.
In April at the latest, swissuniversities will inform all pre-enrolled candidates personally about the procedure to be followed later in order to enrol in medical studies.

Note: it is mandatory to submit an online application at UNIL and your documents to the Admissions Office (Service des immatriculations et inscription) before 30 April 2020, further to the pre-enrolment at swissuniversities.


Master programme
A preliminary registration at swissuniversities is not requested for an application to a Master programme. However, a foreign Bachelor in Medecine may not be deemed equivalent to a swiss Bachelor in Medecine and therefore not give access to a Master programme. Admission to the Bachelor programme can only be taken into consideration if the preliminary registration has been submitted to swissuniversities before 15 February 2020.


2. The available enrolment capacity in medicine has regularly been exceeded in recent years. Admission of foreign students to medical programmes is based on the Cantonal regulations on admission of foreign candidates to medicine studies.

3. Transfers: a candidate having studied the first year of Bachelor in Medicine at another Medical Faculty, either in Switzerland or abroad, and who wishes to finish his/her Bachelor in Medicine at UNIL, can apply for admission only after completing and validating the first year at his/her home university as well as being accepted into the second year at his/her home university. The procedure described under point 1 has to be respected. Foreign students also have to fulfill the criteria mentioned under point 2.

4. The candidate for the programme passerelle biology/life sciences engineering - medicine starting in the autumn semester 2020/2021 has to deposit his application until 30 November 2019.

5. Dental and veterinary medicine are not taught at the University of Lausanne.

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Social and Political Sciences (SSP)

Sport Sciences and Physical Education: candidates for the Bachelor's degree in Sport Sciences and Physical Education who are eligible for registration must in addition take a prior physical aptitude test organised before the start of the academic year. Information on the site or from the secretariat of the ISSUL (telephone 021 692 21 80)

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School of Criminal Justice (ESC)

For some foreign secondary school diplomas, admission to UNIL requires also a university entrance exam in the country of origin. If a university entrance exam is required in addition to the diploma of secondary education, success in that exam must give access to the same study orientation as that chosen at UNIL.

For candidates choosing the ESC, the university entrance exam may give access to the following study orientations: Criminal Justice, Chemistry, Biochemistry, Mathematics, Physics or Medicine. The university granting the attestation must be recognised by UNIL. Candidates must also satisfy all the other registration conditions.



the French version of the registration conditions prevails
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