Methods lab

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The "Methods lab" collective offers a transversal space of discussion on methodologies and research methods in geography and sustainability. It allows IGD members, regardless of their research topics, to come together and combine various disciplinary approaches in order to propose a transversal and critical reflection on methodologies.

Within the IGD Methods lab, researchers discuss the conceptual foundations that guide their methodological choices, as well as the methods used to collect, produce and analyse data. The aim is to reflect on techniques and tools, yet also on the theoretical and methodological issues related to the production and dissemination of scientific results.

The collective organises regular seminars that outline step by step the construction of a methodological protocol, its implementation, its limits and its biases. Workshops are also organised on more specific themes (e.g., on a particular method or tool).

The collective has three main goals:

  • to share and promote different methodological approaches (from concepts to applications), at the IGD level;
  • to participate in the development and discussions of new methods;
  • to identify methodological needs and support training on different tools and methods within the IGD.