Student associations

Created and run by students, our associations enrich and enliven everyday life on campus with their many activities and events organised throughout the year.


Our associations

HEC Committee

The Committee organises lectures, parties (including the famous Bal HEC) and sporting events, provides advice and sells study materials. It also defends the rights of students before the Faculty Council and at the assembly of the Federation of Student Associations. It has its own football, running, volleyball and sailing teams.

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HEC Lausanne Finance Club

The aim of the Finance Club is to introduce students to the world of finance. Activities include lectures, quizzes and their biggest event, the Jeu Boursier.

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Haskins - Sport Society

Haskins aims to enable students to discover the world of sport through lectures, interviews, workshops, visits to sports establishments and fun events. A wide range of topics are covered, including the economic, social, geopolitical and technological aspects of sport.

HEC Espace Entreprise (HEE)

HEE organises the prestigious Prix Strategis, an entrepreneurial competition that has been awarding CHF 50,000 to Switzerland's best start-up every year since 1993, as well as Global Entrepreneurship Week, a week of lectures on entrepreneurship in a wide range of sectors.

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HEConomist is an online newspaper run and written by students in the Faculty. The articles cover student life, campus events and topical issues, as well as providing useful study and career advice.

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Heliste Business & Luxury Association

The Heliste Business & Luxury Association aims to bring students closer to the professional world of luxury by promoting its professions. The association organises lectures, visits to leading luxury houses, workshops and other events.

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HESSOR focuses on the fusion of art and marketing. Its mission is to redefine traditional approaches to marketing by combining education, research and practice to prepare its members for emerging technologies, while cultivating a space where artistic creativity and commercial acumen meet.

Innovation Time

Innovation Time is a student media organisation operating on the university campuses of Lausanne (UNIL and EPFL), Geneva (Unige) and Neuchâtel (Unine). Its aim is to promote entrepreneurship and innovation and to strengthen cohesion between the entrepreneurial and student worlds on the various campuses.

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HEC Lausanne Investment Society

Investment Society is an investment fund run by a group of students with an interest in wealth management. The club offers the opportunity to apply their financial knowledge and gain practical experience by managing a real equity portfolio.

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HEC Lausanne Junior Entreprise

The JE carries out commissions for companies, such as drawing up business plans, market studies, feasibility studies, positioning studies, defining corporate strategy, etc. It organises a Business Game and the Golf Club.

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oikos Lausanne

oikos Lausanne promotes environmental commitment, responsible management and the circular economy. It organises book fairs, workshops to create household and cosmetic products, second-hand clothing sales, a sustainable fashion show and lectures for students, and offers a sustainability consulting service for SMEs and organisations in the Lausanne region.

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Rare Voices in Economics

Rare Voices in Economics is a group of doctoral students in economics who want to help reduce the lack of inclusiveness in the economics professions and challenge existing stereotypes and the status quo.

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Rethinking Economics

The aim of Rethinking Economics is to help people discover the great diversity of economic theories, because in the face of today's complex challenges (climate change, financial instability, growing inequalities, etc.), a greater plurality of viewpoints and methods is needed in economics. 

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START Lausanne

START Lausanne promotes entrepreneurship, innovation and creativity at HEC Lausanne and EPFL. Its various events, including the START competition, aim to provide the advice, tips and contacts needed to turn an idea into a start-up.

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Wine Society

The main objective of the Wine Society is to introduce students, professors, alumni, companies and business leaders to oenology through various events, including tastings, competitions and visits to famous wineries.

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VheC is a student-run venture capital fund which offers its members a unique opportunity to hone their investment skills and gain hands-on experience in the start-up world. VheC members manage a portfolio of innovative projects and gain knowledge in venture capital.

PhDnet, Association for doctoral students

The association for doctoral students at HEC Lausanne aims to strengthen links and collaboration between doctoral students and assistants, as well as between the various departments and disciplines at HEC Lausanne.


Through its workshops, AIESEC helps to develop skills such as leadership, time management and teamwork. As an international platform, the association also organises trainee exchange programmes.

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Master’s Hub and Master’s student associations

The Master’s Hub coordinates the activities of seven Master’s associations and organises cross-disciplinary professional and social events. The aim of the Master’s associations is to encourage exchanges between students following the same course of study and with professionals in the various sectors in which they will be working.

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