When and how to announce pregnancy/future parenthood

You have no obligation to announce your pregnancy within a specified deadline, but if you wish to benefit from protective measures, you must inform your direct superior of your pregnancy, providing a medical certificate confirming the expected date of childbirth.

This especially applies if you work in an environment that exposes you and your baby to particular hazards. In any case, it is necessary to inform the employing entity of your pregnancy within a reasonable time frame, so that the latter can organise a possible replacement.

During a discussion with your superior, you will:

  • Discuss how your various functions will be carried out during your maternity/breastfeeding leave.
  • Fill in the risk identification form and discuss your working arrangements together.

For the preparation of this discussion or at any time, you can ask Human Resources, the occupational health nurse and/or the Equal Opportunities Office.


Maternity/parental leave - Questions to ask yourself before the interview

  • Is unpaid parental leave as well as maternity/breastfeeding leave wanted?
  • How long will the period of absence be, and when will it start?
  • Is a replacement needed (or can tasks be redistributed?) If so, which tasks (and what percentage do they represent)?
  • For academic staff (assistant professor / graduate assistant / junior lecturer / lecturer / research leader): does a contract extension have to be requested?

Mamagenda.ch - Interactive tool for managing pregnancy in the workplace

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