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Pregnancy announcement

When a woman announces her pregnancy, it has generally been underway for several months. You can therefore take the necessary measures regarding your employee’s state of health according to the medical certificate that she presents, a copy of which you will send to Human Resources.

As soon as you learn of the pregnancy, you must immediately carry out an evaluation of your pregnant employee’s work environment. In fact, in Switzerland, employers are legally obliged to carry out a risk assessment and take the appropriate measures to protect the health of their pregnant employees.


How to proceed ?

In accordance with Directive 1.38. of the University of Lausanne Rectorate Protection de la santé des femmes enceintes (PDF) :

  • With the pregnant (or breastfeeding) employee, examine her activites and identify any hazards to which the pregnant woman and her child could be exposed, with the help of the safety coordinator. If hazards are identified, you must rapidly take the necessary measures, such as adapting the activity. The hazards identified and measures taken are stated on the form sent by HR for this purpose to employees who have announced their pregnancy.
  • You must then forward the document to HR with a copy to UniSEP ( If the presence of hazards is presumed, UniSEP will evaluate the appropriateness of carrying out a risk assessment and planning a meeting with the UNIL occupational health nurse.

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Maternity leave

Discuss with your employee a possible replacement with her during her maternity/breastfeeding leave. Since the introduction of federal maternity insurance, the employing unity receives income compensation allowances (APG) during 14 weeks equivalent to 80% of the salary of women on maternity leave. This enables the Faculties and Services concerned, according to their budget and requirements, to organise and bear the cost of a temporary replacement.

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