ARCHIVE - For PhD students who started in autumn 2016 or before



1. Enrol

As described here.
The student remains enroled as PhD student during the whole procedure (including the deposit of the thesis to the BCU, see point 8) and pays the correspondent bi-annual taxes to the Admission Service.

2. 1st year

After the first year, the following documents must be forwarded to the Doctoral School:

  • The thesis committee composition;
  • The first year report (a short report, one page A4);
  • The documents related to the doctoral program - with a minimum of 4 ECTS (including 2 tutorials) or according to the specific requirements of the program with a study option

If you are enroled in the Free Study Plan: use check-list 1/Milestones summary and forward all the documents to the Thesis Office.

If you are enroled in a thematic study plan (CVM, EE, MS, IECB), forward to the:
-Thesis Office, the thesis committe composition and the first year report only.
-Program Coordinator, all the documents related to the PhD program (ECTS).

3. 2,5 years

The half-term exam must be presented at the latest 2.5 years after the official enrolment. During this exam, the student presents the advancement of his research in front of the thesis committee. 

The PhD student with the thesis director(s) and Committee members choose an examination date.

At least 15 days before the mid-thesis exam, the PhD students forwards to the Doctoral School:

  • The mid-term report, presenting the results and the work progress (max. 20 pages, double-spaced, 30 references) that should be sent as well to the thesis Committee members.
  • The "Confirmation of the thesis Committee composition" provided at the end of the first year by the Doctoral school. This document should mention the date, hour and place of the exam.

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4. Study program is over (12 ECTS)

Study program requirements: minimum 12 ECTS, according to the specific requirements of the program free or with a study option. Please forward the documents for validation of courses at any time during your thesis but at the latest 4 weeks before the deposit of the thesis manuscript to the Thesis Office (=manuscript for the oral private exam).

Forward these documents to your coordinator and use Check-list n°2.

Should you have any queries on the requirements of the program in which you are enrolled, contact your program coordinator.

5. Thesis submission

The PhD student should submit his manuscript and other documents at least 5 weeks before the private exam.

Use the checklist "Thesis deposit"

6. Private exam

The PhD student defends orally the thesis work in front of a jury, the president and the thesis director (and co-director, if any).

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7. Public exam

At least 3 weeks after the private exam. The public exam is a presentation of the thesis work adapted to the general public: usually, it is done in French (or in English non french speaking candidates) and using non-technical vocabulary. 

If the PhD student is successful, the President gives the Imprimatur to the student and announces the results to the Doctoral School.

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8. Thesis deposit

After receiving the Imprimatur, and at the latest six month after the public defense, the student deposits the final thesis copies, according to the Appendix V (p.17) of our Rules ("Règlement pour l'obtention du grade de docteur ès sciences de la vie") and Appendix III of our Guidelines ("Directives pour le Doctorat ès sciences de la vie").

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ECTS requirements
Please forward the documents for validation of courses at any time to your coordinator.


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