ARCHIVE - Exams & general information during the COVID-19 period

You will find hereunder the latest recommendations from the Doctoral school for PhD / MD-PhD / PhD in Neurosciences’ exams, as well as additional information:

PhD: Mid-thesis exam and private exam

Section updated on 28.02.2022


The Doctoral school recommends the physical presence of all committee/jury members at the mid-thesis and private exams.


However, if it is difficult to all meet in person and if agreed by all members of a committee/jury (including the president), hybrid mid-thesis and private exams are permitted. Please inform the doctoral school in advance by email.

  • For hybrid exams, where some people are present in person in the same room – at least the president, thesis director and PhD student – and others remotely: please refer to the corresponding guidelines and user guide for further information.

The president is responsible for deciding whether the quality of the connection was sufficient or whether the exam has to be held again - this decision has to be communicated to the Doctoral School by e-mail.


Fully virtual exams are in principle not allowed anymore, unless they are justified (i.e. if a quarantine is imposed on the PhD student, the president and/or the thesis director). A request has to be made as soon as possible to who will consider the request and confirm if an exception is granted.


Regarding documents that have to be provided five weeks before the private exam (cf. check-list), please note that they can be sent by email to (no need to deposit paper versions at the office). If the president still requires a printed copy of the thesis, you can send it by post to: École doctorale FBM, Bureau 324, Amphipôle, quartier UNIL-Sorge, 1015 Lausanne.


PhD: Public defenses

Section updated on 28.02.2022

Students who successully passed their private exam have to organise a public defense.

On UNIL campus: there are no restrictions for the organization of public events anymore.


At the CHUV: there are no restrictions for public events anymore, except for the mask, that still has to be worn at all time, including inside of rooms


In very specific cases, the Doctoral school may grant exemption of public defenses, for justified reasons that have to be communicated in writing to (for MD-PhD students, please write to / For Nursing Sciences students, please write to


The Doctoral school FBM does not condone public defenses by videoconference. Live retransmission of a public defense is not authorized anymore. All people have to be present in person in the room.

MD: Thesis submission

Thesis in Medicine: the thesis submission procedure remains unchanged.

For more information

Doctoral school offices

The Reception desk of the Doctoral school located in office 324 of the Amphipôle building is open from Monday to Friday, 9h30 to 12h00. Outside of these hours, please contact our office in advance to plan a meeting: please refer to this page to contact the person you wish to meet.


If you have to provide us with paper documents, you can deposit them during the opening hours in office 324, leave them in the mailbox that can be found on your right, just before entering the corridor leading to the Reception of the Doctoral school FBM or send them by post (École doctorale FBM, Bureau 324/304, Amphipôle, quartier UNIL-Sorge, 1015 Lausanne).

Other general information

For any other general information on the Covid-19 situation on the Campus, please consult the dedicated section of UNIL website.

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