Current students

Current PhD students in Management

Name Specialization Keywords
ADAM Zitian Marketing Luxury Brand Management; Consumer Psychology; Neuromarketing
ARMAOS Konstantinos Organizational Behavior Heuristics; Social Identity; Fast-and-frugal Trees
BEL Rémi Accounting and Control Auditing; Corporate governance; Human capital effect on performance 
BUTERA Anaïs Organizational Behavior Charisma; Job Interviews; Leadership
CAGNOLO Emanuele Strategy Entrepreneurship; Venture Funding; Equity Crowdfunding
CARVALHO Cindy Organizational Behavior Impression Management; Digital Job Interviews
CENSKOWSKY Philipp Strategy Sustainable & Unsustainable Finance; Discourse Analysis
CHAKRABORTY Adeepan Marketing Consumer Behavior; Emotion Regulation; Brand personality
DE ORLEANS BORBON Alonso Organizational Behavior Change management and heuristics
DEPECIK Tolga Marketing Digital Marketing; Marketing Mix Modeling; Retailing
DRIEBERGEN Phebe Organizational Behavior Behavioral Adaptability; Gender; Motivation
DULEX Deborah Accounting and Control Management Accounting and Control; Corporate Governance
DUQUE Diana Marketing Luxury Brand Management; Digital Marketing; Sustainability
EL FASSI Ismail Accounting and Control Management Accounting; Strategic Control; Innovation Management
EL FASSI Youssef Accounting and Control Innovation Management; Management Accounting and Control
EGAL Amina Strategy Innovation; Social Impact; Business Ethics
FAESSLER Lisa Organizational Behavior Social learning strategies; cultural evolution; norms diffusion
FELBER Lilly Organizational Behavior Diversity and Inclusion; Multilevel Modeling; Cyberpsychology
GARGIULO Alessandra Maria Accounting and Control Sustainable Progress; Green Financing & Investing; Economics of the Future
GROSSO Thomas Strategy Institutional Theory; Business Ethics; Narrative
GUO Yiran Organizational Behavior Behavioral Ethics; Organizational Behavior
HAESE Jérémie Strategy Platform Economics; Creative Industries; Competition Policy
JEANGROS Laurence Strategy Internalisation of Externalities; Food Systems; Public Policies
JMILI Nada Organizational Behavior Workplace discriminations; Gender and ethnic inequalities; Stereotypes
JOST Matthieu Organizational Behavior Leadership; Virtual reality; Stress
KAISER Franziska Strategy Digitization and Platform Economics; Intellectual Property
KEOPRASEUTH Liliane Organizational Behavior Decision-Making Processes; Workplace Deviance; Behavioral Economics
KHALFALLAH Badis Marketing NFTs; Blockchain Applications
KIOUKA Anthi Strategy Corporate Entrepreneurship; Innovation and Technologies
KREUTSCHY Tiffany Organizational Behavior Motivation; Leadership; Charisma; Cheating Behaviors
KURTOVIC Hrvoje Accounting and Control Financial Economics; Corporate Earnings Announcements; Financial Markets; Short Selling
LI Jiewei Marketing Automation; Development; Quantitative Method
LU Jiawei Accounting and Control CSR Reporting; Textual Analysis; Sustainable Finance
MAHENDIRAN Shreekanth Strategy Innovation; Organizational Intelligenc; Strategy; and Capabilities
MARANTE Léo Strategy Organizational Ethics; Digital Ethics; Modern Identity Crisis
MEJRI Farah Accounting and Control Management Accounting; Performance Management System; Innovation and Digital Economy
MENDES DE OLIVEIRA Alissone Organizational Behavior Decision making bias; Discrimination; Recruitment process; Impression Management
NIKKHAH Anita Accounting and Control Corporate Governance; Ethics in Financial Institutions
ODLUM Alex Organizational Behavior Humanitarian Crises; Decision-making; Disaster management; Information Systems
PISCIELLA Arianna Accounting and Control Sustainability Accounting; Climate Change Reporting; Real Effects
PYKÄLÄ Maria Organizational Behavior Cultural Evolution; Social Learning Strategies; Social Networks
RABI Ron Strategy Entrepreneurship; Startups; Venture-capital
RAHMANI Leïla Marketing Sustainable Consumer Behavior; Environmental Identity; Self-nature Connection
SAUL Lionel Strategy Corporate foresight; Grand challenges; Organization
SCHIMMELPFENNIG Robin Organizational Behavior Behavioral Science; Social learning; Spill-over effects
SERGI Giancarlo Strategy Strategic Management; Sports Governance and Management; Lobbying; Non-market activities; Basketball
SHEHU Linda Strategy AI and Grand Challenges; Social Innovation Impact; Digitalization in Entrepreneurship
STEPANIAK Ekaterina Strategy Legitimacy; Organizational Inequalities; Microfoundations of Institutions
VARDANYAN Sona Accounting and Control Auditing; Accounting Reform
von FLÜE Lukas Organizational Behavior Cultural Evolution; Social Learning; Sustainable Social Development
YANAR Evrim Marketing Luxury Consumption; Evolutionary Consumer Behavior
YUAN Huajuan Accounting and Control Textual analysis; ESG reporting; Auditing
ZHAN Xingyue Accounting and Control Auditing; Corporate Social Responsibility
ZHAO Jianlin Organizational Behavior Behavioral Contract Theory; Experimental Methodology; Communication Culture
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