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  1. Yvan Arsenijevic - AAVEYE
    Gene therapy for inherited severe photoreceptor diseases
  2. Pierre-Yves-Bochud - HepaCute
    Host and viral factors in acute hepatitis C
  3. Michel Duchosal - PANACREAS
    Integrating chemical approaches to treat pancreatic cancer: making new leads for a cure
  4. Thierry Calandra - ALLFUN
    Fungi in the setting of inflammation, allergy and autoimmune diseases: Translating basic science into clinical practices
  5. Lucienne Juillerat - NANOTEST
    Development of methodology for alternative testing strategies for the assessment of the toxicological profile of nanoparticles used in medical diagnostics
  6. Nicolas Niederländer - DIABAT
    Recruitment and activation of brown adipocytes as preventive and curative therapy for type 2 diabetes
  7. Giuseppe Pantaleo - IDEA
    Dissecting the Immunological Interplay between Poverty Related Diseases and Helminth infections: An African-European Research Initiative
  8. John Prior - ENDOTOFPET-US
    Novel multimodal endoscopic probes for simultaneous PET/ultrasound imaging for image-guided interventions
  9. Carlo Rivolta - Hypergenes
    European network for genetic-epidemiological studies: building a method to dissect complex genetic traits, using essential hypertension as a disease model
  10. Ariane Rochat - OPTISTEM
    Optimization of stem cell therapy for clinical trials of degenerative skin and muscle diseases
  11. Bernard Thorens - EDICT
    European drug initiative on channels and transporters
  12. Jürg Tschopp † - APO-SYS
    Apoptosis systems biology applied to cancer and AIDS. An integrated approach of experimental biology, data mining, mathematical modelling, biostatistics, systems engineering and molecular medicine
  13. Marie-Gabrielle Zurich Fontanellaz - PREDICT - IV
    Profiling the toxicity of new drugs: a non animal-based approach integrating toxicodynamics and biokinetics


Food, Agriculture, Fisheries and Biotechnology (FAB)

  1. Yves Poirier - EU-PEARLS
    EU based Production and Exploitation of Alternative Rubber and Latex Sources

  2. Jan Roelof van der Meer - BACSIN
    Bacterial Abiotic Cellular Stress and Survival Improvement Network
  3. Jan Roelof van der Meer - BIOMONAR
    Biosensor nanoarrays for environmental monitoring
  4. Jan Roelof van der Meer - ST-FLOW
    Standarization and orthogonalization of the gene expression flow for robust engineering of NTN (new-to-nature) biological properties.
  5. Jan Roelof van der Meer - TARPOL
    Targeting environmental pollution with engineered microbial systems à la carte
  6. Walter Wahli - TORNADO
    Molecular targets open for regulation by the gut flora new avenues for improved diet to optimize European health


Information and Communication Technologies (ICT)

  1. Christophe Büla - SMILING
    Self Mobility improvement in the elderly by counteracting falls
  2. Christine Parent - MODAP
    Mobility, data mining, and privacy
  3. Céline Rozenblat - INSITE
    The Innovation Society, Sustainability, and ICT


Nanosciences, Nanotechnologies, Materials & new Production technologies (NMP)

  1. Lucienne Juillerat - NanoImpactNet
    European network on the health and environmental impact of nanomaterials



  1. Eric Verrecchia - CO2SolStock
    Biobased geological CO2 storage



  1. Hansjörg Albrecher - IMPACT2C
    Impacts of a global temperature increase up to 2°C from pre-industrial level, in Europe and most vulnerable regions of the world
  2. Michel Jaboyedoff - SafeLand
    Living with landslide risk in Europe: Assesment, effects of global change, and risk management strategies


Socio-Economic Sciences and Humanities (SSH)

  1. Laura Bernardi - REPRO
    Reproductive decision-making in a macro-micro perspective
  2. Kate Geddie et Dominique Vinck - POCARIM
    Mapping the population, careers, mobilities and impacts of advanced research degree graduates in the social sciences and humanities



  1. Pierre Esseiva - DIRAC
    Rapid screening and indentification of illegal drugs by IR Absorption spectroscopy and gas Chromatography
  2. Olivier Delémont et Pierre Esseiva - BONAS
    Bomb factory detection by Network of Advanced Sensors