Recherche européenne à l'UNIL

Horizon Europe is the Research and Innovation Framework Programme running from 2021-2027 with a budget of 95.5 billion euro.
Swiss participation in H2020 & Horizon Europe
The SERI provides updates on the state of Swiss participation in EU Programmes on their dedicated website. Furthermore, you can find a regularly updated Q&A helping you with your burning questions.
Next ERC calls
The 2021 Advanced Grants call will open on 20/5 with a deadline on 31/8/21. The 2022 StG call should be published on 23/9/21 (deadline: 13/1/22). The 2022 CoG call should open on 19/10/21 (deadline: 17/3/22).
There is still uncertainty with respect to the status of Switzerland in Horizon Europe (see SERI website).
Health (Cluster 1)
Overview of the 2021 funding opportunities for Health R&I within Horizon Europe available upon request. The first Health call should be published soon with a deadline on 21/9.
EU Opportunities in SSHA
Webinar (28 October 2020)