The campuses

One university, three campuses

The University of Lausanne is split across three sites, in a particularly dynamic, combined green and urban environment, which is emblematic the Lausanne region, the canton of Vaud and the Lake Geneva area.


The faculties are located on the sites of the Dorigny campus by the lake, the Lausanne University Hospital (CHUV) in the centre of Lausanne and the life science and innovation hub in Epalinges just North of it. They have their own specific history, but all of them offer teaching based on cutting-edge research. The interactions between them are numerous. In 2018 the Rectorate has launched several Interdisciplinary Centres to stimulate cross-disciplinary research in key areas.


Faculty of Biology and Medicine is spread over the three sites. In Dorigny, the Chamberonne district is home to Theology and the Sciences of Religion, Arts and HEC. The Mouline district is home to the Social and Political Sciences as well as Geosciences and Environment. Finally, the Faculty of Law, Criminal Justice and Public Administration can be found in the Chamberonne, Mouline and Sorge districts.

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