Financement de projet en innovation via InnoSuisse

Swiss Innovation Agency


  • To support networks and events in key innovation fields
  • To develop Proof of Concept projects
  • To support your science-based innovation projects
  • To develop your start up
  • To extend your network across national borders

For the staff cost rates taken into account in  project budgets, please consult the home page:


Authenticated access Innosuisse - Hourly rate

The Swiss Innovation Agency supports:

  •     networks and events in important areas of innovation
  •     Proof of Concept projects
  •     joint projects between companies and research groups
  •     coaching and scale-up of Start up
  •     companies in the context of international cooperation



Pour les tarifs des frais de personnel pris en compte dans les budget des projets, veuillez consulter la home page :

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