Dietmar Braun


Understanding and assessing the impact and outcomes of the ERC funding schemes

Domaine: ERC Support Action

Acronyme: EURECIA

Durée: 01.02.2009 - 31.01.2011

Budget total: 419.657 EUR 

Budget UNIL: 30.250 EUR


Dietmar Braun, Institut d'études politiques et internationales, Faculté des SSP



Our objective is to develop and apply a novel methodology to understand better EU research system dynamics and the European Research Councilunding schemesicies). We have conceptualised how research communities, organisations and funders operate. Our robust, flexible methodology assumes to register impact by measurement of at least two time points and gives serious consideration to attribution issues.

Our team members have international reputations in science studies, research intermediaries, science governance, organisational analysis, and methodology. We aim to:

  • develop a framework to analyse ERC funding scheme impact(s) and interactions with existing governance regimes; develop a method to identify and attribute ERC impacts;
  • apply this method (to test it and to collect Phase 1 data on a) researchers b) research organisations c) research funding organisations and d) the wider national/transnational science governance context);
  • propose methodologies for discrete (panel) to assess progress towards the ERC’s desired/expected outcomes and impact;
  • ensure our framework has a statement (and understanding) of ‘added value’; and aid ERC’s strategy (including scrutinising its objectives) in consultation with key stakeholders.

Our research activities are: a ‘starting independent researchers’ survey; ‘starting independent researchers’/‘advanced investigators’ studies; host research organisation case studies; national research council (or equivalent) case studies; and ERC and EU funding landscape review. Our 9 WPs provide for in-built interactions between activities.