Rectorate Directive 0.2. Promotion of equal opportunities at the University of Lausanne | UNIL Statement of intentions

Rectorate Directive 0.2. Promotion of equal opportunities at the University of Lausanne

Adopted in 2006 and modified in 2019, this Directive (PDF, in French) states that the University’s Rectorate pursues an active policy on equal opportunities, particularly between men and women, and takes measures to implement the principle of equal opportunities in practice.

Article 2 sets out its objectives.

The University Management:
a) Supports women's careers by promoting favourable working conditions and measures to support the next generation of women

b) Aims to eliminate all forms of direct or indirect discrimination on the grounds of sex, sexual orientation or gender identity

c) Aims to achieve equitable gender representation at all levels and promote the advancement of women in the academic staff and at the management and decision-making positions

d) Promotes the balance between education or work and family life by providing support to parents and caregivers

e) Promote early childhood care (daycare centres) on campus


In relation to objective d), Rectorate Directive 1.35. Family leave (PDF, in French) sets out the arrangements for family leave.


UNIL Statement of intentions

Gender equality is now a value that is indissociable from UNIL’s identity and firmly rooted in the Rectorate’s strategic vision.

In its Statement of intentions 2017-2021 (PDF, in French), the Rectorate confirms its wish to strengthen the equality policy. In particular, UNIL has set itself a target of having 40% of recent appointments to professorships occupied by women by 2020. “UNIL also reiterates its commitment to maintaining programs that have proved worthwhile and more generally, to strengthening the extent to which equality is embedded in the governance of the faculties, and continuing to develop cultures and structures that are more conducive to gender equality.”



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