Gender-inclusive communication (in French)


UNIL has several ways of communicating with the university community and society. It is important for these messages to be consistent with the institution’s values and the strategic objectives set by the Rectorate. It is also essential for everyone to feel included and represented in how UNIL presents itself, based on respect for their individuality and difference.

This is why the Rectorate’s Action Plan for gender equality 2013-2016 stated that it would:


“Ensure that UNIL is presented as a modern, equal institution in its visual communications (representations and messages conveyed), establish principles for the use of non-discriminatory language in official documents and promote a range of support options for staff (guides, training and Equal Opportunities Office consultations).”


The Rectorate therefore recommends the use of gender-neutral and feminized language for writing information materials aimed at the university community. Similarly, the Action Plan for 2017-2020 aims to develop the skills of members of the university community in relation to equality, particularly with regard to inclusive communication.

The pages shown here provide a practical guide (in French) and give you a basic understanding of how to write to ensure that men and women are equally visible in our day-to-day communications.

It is not a matter of “dictating” what is acceptable, but helping language to change in a way that reflects society, which encourages equality.

Gender-inclusive communication (in French)

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