Online application

Application will be open from June 15th to July 31st 2020

Before you apply, please read the following information carefully.

Self-assessment of your level

Use the global scale of the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) to self-assess your level :

Global scale - Table 1 (CEFR 3.3): Common Reference levels


This table is available on the Council of Europe website

Which course should I choose when registering online?

  • You have self-assessed your level A1, A2 or B1* -> choose the course "Beginner - Intermediate (A1 to B1)".
  • You have self-assessed your level B1* or B2 -> choose the course "Intermediate - Advanced (B1 to B2)".
  • You have self-assessed yourself at level B2 or C1 -> choose the course "Very advanced (B2 to C1)".

* You have self-assessed yourself at level B1, two choices are possible:

  • choose the course "Beginner - Intermediate" if your level is B1 but close to level A2
  • choose the course "Intermediate - Advanced" if your level is B1 but close to B2 level

Image 19_selection_EN.png



students will be grouped into classes based on the interview/assessment on the first day of the course.
The self-assessment at registration is an indication of people's levels, which allows us to predict class levels and to hire appropriate teachers. The level you choose at registration may therefore be different from the level of your class which will be assigned to you.

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