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What you should know

The University of Lausanne doesn’t have a residential campus. For this reason, students live either in halls of residence or rent a room from private landlords or share an apartment with other students.
The housing situation being very tense in the Lausanne area, UNIL cannot guarantee accommodation for all its students. Nevertheless, all measures are taken to try to find the largest possible number of homes for its students.
We recommend that you look for a place to stay before the start of the academic year. It is recommended to begin the process as soon as possible.

The average price for a room ranges from CHF 600 to CHF 800/month.

The Social Affairs and Student Mobility office maintains a database that lists all the offers of housing for students. This database is only accessible to students enrolled at the University of Lausanne and is accessible directly with your personal UNIL identifier.

Find all information about housing options for students at :



University Halls of Residence

Fondation Maisons pour Etudiants Lausanne (FMEL)
Manages 12 students housing, including nearly 1,700 rooms and 600 studios.
Registration online at very limited periods with mandatory renewal every 30 days.

Av. de Rhodanie 64
CH –1007 Lausanne

Tip : your registration at FMEL may be made prior to your acceptance at UNIL

Centre Universitaire Catholique (CUC)
Has 35 independant rooms of 8 M2.

Bd de Grancy 29-31
CH–1006 Lausanne

Price : CHF 500.- + CHF 20 (charges)

If interested, please contact : Golay Immobiler Agency (offer no. 7291.013151)

More info on the University Catholic Center (CUC), please visit their website :

Planète Bleue
Consists of 10 apartments with 4-5 bedrooms including bathroom, kitchen and common area.

Rte de Genève 76
CH –1004 Lausanne



Change of Address

Departure must be reported within 8 days to the Foreign Residence Service where you are registered. The same for an arrival in a new municipality, it has to be reported within 8 days.You are also required to communicate without delay and in writing a change of address to the Admissions Service or the relevant faculty or the Socio-Cultural Affairs Service for the exchange students. Don’t forget to inform the BCUL.



Notice Period and Deposit

Without a contract, you must announce your departure to the landlord by registered mail at least 1 month in advance to the end of a month.
The rent deposit typically represents between 1 and 3 months rent.

More useful information about accommodation.


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